SwaSwara in Gokarna, a wellness retreat, uses architecture to heal the body and the soul

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Having opted for the Swa Wellbeing Programme, I woke up early in the morning on all days to make the most of my time at the retreat. A guided meditation session at the Meditation Hill, a deck perched on the property’s highest point and offering spectacular views of the Om beach, gives a perfect kickstart to the day. This is often followed by a group yoga session in the airy Yoga Shala, and a quiet walk through the forest, leading to the old banyan tree, which is another whimsical spot for yogic kriyas or simply observing the resident butterflies and birds with sunshine peeking through the trees.  

Besides a large oxidized swimming pool with hydrotherapy massage jets, the resort houses a library as well as an art studio where the resident artist helps you explore creative pursuits like painting and pottery.

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Bedrooms are the only air-conditioned space in the villas.

Upper deck of each villa comes with a forest view.

Evenings at SwaSwara are all about taking the brick path to reach the Om Beach for a stroll, and staying until the sky and sea take on the vivid red-orange hues and the warm glow from the sinking sun. With the ocean to keep me company, I would sit on a rock and stare dreamily at the waves for hours. 

After three nights of intimate time with nature and myself, I felt as if I could get used to the unhurried pace of life SwaSwara strongly advocates. However, all good things must come to an end. For me, the conclusion of my three-night well-being getaway at SwaSwara Gokarna also meant the commencement of a new, unique inner journey filled with peace, hope, inspiration, fulfilment and refreshed vigour.

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