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It’s Libra season right now until October 22 2022. Here’s everything you need to know about the Libra zodiac sign.

Ruling Planet: Venus
Energy Polarity: Yang/Masculine
Element: Air
Quality: Cardinal
Anatomy: Kidneys
Metal: Copper
Gemstone: Opal
Colour: White, Pastel Blues and Pink.

Libra zodiac sign personality: Balancing the scales

Many often mistake Libra’s scales for those belonging to Lady Justice. True, many Librans strongly believe in fairness, and wish that the world would be upheld to higher virtues and ideals. However, we must remember that Lady Justice is blindfolded – the Libra zodiac sign isn’t. Of course, to accuse them of being biased would cause them to flare up instantly, and out goes all their composure as they list out instances where they have been the epitome of fairness. However, if you’re patient and just wait, they’ll then come up with arguments listing out all the instances where they have been completely biased, and agree with your original assessment. There’s nothing they can do to change, so you’ll just have to accept their biased nature.

Confused? Well, remember, this is the Goddess Venus in the element of air, where she whispers sweet-sentimental odes of love and affection in one ear, only to list out everything wrong about you and all you need to change in the other. At least, the scales are balanced.

What at one moment appears to be a lover from a romantic fairytale, can turn into a fearsome ogre or cantankerous shrew in the next, in the blink of an eye. Unlike Gemini, whose Jekyll and Hyde syndrome is essentially based on the need to stir things up for cheap thrills, Libra basically goes through it all because they have an aching need for affection, attention, and validation.

They are charmers of the highest order; well read, updated on the latest in politics and culture, stylish and elegant, carrying themselves off well. They know what to say to woo you — professionally and personally. More often than not, you’ll be amazed at the lengths they’d go to for their friends and loved ones. However, they also know how to cut you down to size, and use everything you’ve shared with them against you for the sake of winning an argument.

Yes, they fight dirty! Remember those scales? They’re not of Justice. They’re the scales of a shopkeeper. Libra compromises only when it’s to their advantage. On one hand, if you have a Libra in your life – that’s a sign that you are an ‘asset’ of sorts. However, it’s also a sign that there’s something about you they want, and can’t wait to get their hands on. Libra takes great pride in being ‘the bad girl’.

Libra zodiac sign

How can that be, considering Libra is ruled by Venus – Goddess of Love? Well, clearly you know nothing about mythology – especially how Aphrodite herself is the reason the great Trojan war began in the first place. And let’s not discount the fact that in Vedic Myths – Venus is Shukracharya, the guru of the Asuras (demons). Furthermore, Venus is the morning and the evening star – and another name for that is Lucifer.

What we need to understand is that all Libras suffer from immense issues with anger. Remember, this sign rules the kidneys in our body. According to holistic health practices, the kidneys are where all our fears, insecurities, and anxieties are stored, and when they get triggered, it manifests as anger. Librans either flare up like a forest fire and take no prisoners, or they’ll suppress it so much (sometimes with excess food and drink) that it manifests into various kidney ailments – including stones.

You must remember, that Libra hates being ignored and undervalued. They know that they are a prize, and yet, they’ll do everything to make life beautiful and harmonious for you. However, in that process – more often than not – they get ignored, and ridiculously taken advantage off. It crushes them deeply. Unlike Cancer, who will cry about it endlessly, Libra will either fight it out with you, or divert their attention to greener pastures that value and appreciate them.

Of course, they are also infamous for their indecisiveness. A cynic would say that it’s because they’re fickle and don’t really know what is it they exactly want from someone or life in general. The truth is though, what they really want is to be is loved, admired, and praised to the heavens and back. Lord knows they’ve done plenty to deserve every bit of it. That’s why they’re indecisive, because they know every decision they make can not only affect them, but the world around them – especially the ones they love. This is why they make excellent diplomats, because it’s so easy for them to brainstorm and eventually arrive at a win-win situation where everyone’s happy and harmonious. However, if you can’t see the fairness in their intentions, they won’t hesitate to wage war and fire the first shot.

Love in Balance?

For many Libras – the biggest mission of their life is to be in a solid and loving relationship. However, the problem is that Libra rarely loves anyone deeply. They’re more in love with the idea of love, and they often fall more for the idea of a person, or the potential they may possess. This is why they absolutely love ‘new love’, where everything is all hunky-dory, and people are on their best behaviour. When that period comes to an end, and you show your ‘regular’ self to your Libra lover – they can’t handle it.

The thing is, Libra hates being alone. True, they may enjoy the pleasure of their own company now-and-then, especially during moments of much needed self-care. However, the minute even the hint of a new love is in the air – they’ll rush over like a puppy learning how to play ‘fetch’.

They’re excellent at setting the scene. They know how to dress and groom themselves to attract anyone they set their eyes on. They know what to say to win them over, how to give the right compliment at the right moment to weaken their guard. They’ll even know how to please you in (and out of) the bedroom, and will ensure your pleasure is given utmost importance. However, many a times, they get so carried away, that they end up being ‘short-stroked’, and thus attract lovers who do not give them the same amount of pleasure in return.

Libra is known as the sign of ‘marriage’, but they’re also the sign of ‘divorce’ too. Many often call them astrological gold-diggers – however, that would just be unfair. Yes, Libra’s dream scenario is that they meet someone impossibly gorgeous, fabulously wealthy, a go-getting jet-setter, who sweeps them off the feet and offers them a harmonious world and a life free from decisions. What they actually want is security that someone will be by their side, but not be a clingy bore that stays home all the time. They need fun and excitement, and they love socialising, going to the hottest and trendiest spots around town. Having you by their side, enjoying it all with them, is what really makes them happy.

They are a class act all the way. In times of crisis, they can become the most stable person in the room, and make sure the situation is salvaged with minimum casualties. Libra zodiac sign is the sign of diplomacy after all – and hence, will know how to ease any and every situation, and make sure everyone is well taken care off. However, Libra loves drama – and thus, when things are too peaceful and calm – they’ll be the first to disrupt it out of the blue!

Yes, Libra is a mess – but at least, they’re a hot mess! They know it. Many of them have accepted it. Perhaps that’s why they’re so obsessed with having things balanced and harmonised and feng-shui’d around them, because on the inside, they’re anything but. This is why they put so much emphasis on appearances and aesthetics.

The easiest way to keep them happy is give them lots of thoughtful attention. Romantic getaways are something they absolutely love. They love human interaction, and are stunning conversationalists, making everyone feel at ease. Yes, they love to spend money, but that’s only because they know money is energy, and it has to be kept in circulation. Besides, you don’t seem to complain when you see them dressed to the nines looking absolutely ravishing. Keep them happy, and you’ll find in them a powerful companion who will always ensure you remain top of the game. They truly believe in the best version of yourself. See yourself from their eyes, and you will understand your true potential. They’ll treat you like a king or a queen – just make sure you make them feel like they’re the jewel in your crown.

Libra zodiac sign compatibility

Best Lovers: Gemini & Aquarius
Best Friends: Leo & Sagittarius
Polar Opposite, yet strangely similar: Aries
Red Flags: Cancer & Capricorn
Mysterious Wild-Cards: Taurus & Pisces

Libra zodiac sign careers:

Don’t be fooled by Libra’s eternal search for a soulmate. They are ambitious and quite proud of it. However, a part of them is intimidated by the fact that being in a high power position can get lonely and isolating. Nevertheless, once they see their pay check, they’ll drown those fears with some much needed retail therapy. For all their flighty indecision, Libra knows a good deal when they see it.

They cannot stand things that are dull and drab, and thus will find themselves in industries that are glamorous, exclusive, and posh in oh so many ways. Even if they’re accountants, they’ll find a weekend theatre workshop – or some kind of hobby that’ll help them express their creativity. Yes, Libra zodiac sign is perhaps one of the most creative.

Sometimes, they even make astute business people. Many often turn small businesses into mighty empires. They’re excellent at dealing with customers, charming clients and securing powerful business relationships.

Libra is also an excellent teacher. Though, managing a huge classroom can be intimidating, they often prefer smaller groups. They make wonderful personal tutors.

They love the word, ‘collaborate’, because to them it means there’s a chance to grow and prosper for all parties involved. Though, it would be wise to ensure that it’s a paid collaboration.

Their restlessness makes it hard for them to just sit behind a desk all day long. As a boss, they’d happily take extended ‘executive lunches.’ As employees, they’ll be the first to opt for flexible hours and a schedule that can work according to their convenience.

However, don’t let this fool you into thinking they’re push-overs. Libra is forever observing, and behind their dimpled smile is a manic brain that’s recording everything. They won’t hesitate to use it against you whenever you try to outsmart them. You do not want a Libra as your ‘office nemesis’. They’ll find a way to say the most charming things, but you’ll still feel the burn of their comeback. When it comes to making a good impression on your superiors – Libra will beat you hands down.

Here’s a brief list of careers best suited for Libra:

HR Management, Lawyers, Sales and Marketing, Advertising, Influencer, Stylists, Event Management, Art Dealers, Musicians, Filmmakers, Actors, Diplomats, Hospitality and Hotel Management, Artist Management, Content Writers, Authors, Interior Designers, Plastic Surgeons, Sculptors, Painters, Vastu and Feng Shui Practioners, Psychologists, Teachers, Chefs, Models, Photographers, Set Designers, Fashion Designers, Podcasters,  Matchmakers, Art Curators, Image Consultants, Etiquette Coaches, Life Coaches, Retail Buyer, Wedding Planners, etc.

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