4 Gambling Superstitions That Are Silly (and 2 That Are Not)

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How many gambling superstitions do you take with you to the casino?

Do rituals work? Should we all grab the ouija board from the attic to up our winnings? Or is the thought of injecting some divine intervention into our betting habits just downright dumb?

As it goes, some crazy superstitions about gambling can be found all over the world. Some are cultural, while others have been borrowed from religions, old wives’ tales, and even isolated experiences that would get you thinking.

But they’re surely baseless, right?

All Online Casinos are Rigged to High Heavens

I wouldn’t exactly say that this is a candidate for the wildest of crazy gambling superstitions.

It’s not true, though. I mean, if you’re looking for proof that every online casino is rigged, good luck. Some reputable operators out there would be waist-deep in problems if they were found to have rigged even one game of roulette or blackjack.

That’s not to say there aren’t some shady operators, though.

Woman holding up some rigged cards

Multiple sites have danced with the devil over the years and paid the price. Our online casino blacklist is proof of that. But even then, some of the sites we list aren’t exactly cheaters, in the traditional sense of the word.

Perhaps the greatest online casino superstitions are that some sites will take your money and refuse to pay out. Or that they are fixing games or closing accounts when you are making too much profit.

Again, some do engage in such unscrupulous practices. Naturally, these are the ones to avoid, like a hungry alligator with wings.

Our casino vetting experts have recommended the following sites as 100% safe, secure, and trustworthy. I’d consider checking them out if you’re in the market for a new online casino.

Never Count Your Money at the Table

There are innocuous gambling superstitions. But some of them are pretty logical. This one falls into the latter category, in my opinion.

Alongside ensuring you don’t drop any of your cash or wind up any of the losing players next to you, it’s sensible. If a scummy casino dweller is sizing up potential victims, old Mickey Moneybags over here is a prime candidate.

Counting money

That’s enough for me to ensure that I don’t attract any unwarranted attention by doing my best Money Mayweather impression inside the casino. Before partaking in an impromptu bout of chicken dancing after being sucker-punched outside.

Of course, this is one of the biggest superstitions in the casino for another reason. Counting money in the casino is said to be unlucky. Whether that’s down to the lyrics from Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler” is up for debate.

See below how high Kenny ranks on the list of the best poker songs.

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Avoid Betting Number 13 on Roulette

Number 13

This one sticks in my craw because of all the crazy superstitions about gambling.

It’s the logic of someone claiming to never bet on 13 in roulette while holding the opinion that all casinos are rigged that does it for me. I mean, if all casinos are rigged, what are you doing in this one right now?

More to the point, if the house is scamming you — someone who just happens to be the only player at the table — why aren’t you betting 13?

It’s a conundrum. One that is easy to put down to the folly of a simple-minded fool.

Hilariously enough, believing in superstitions is not something reserved for those who the self-appointed “enlightened” members of society like to look down on.

You could take a stroll around the floor of any casino around the world and find surgeons, hedge fund managers, and high-ranking military personnel engaging in their own rituals. I’ve seen some hilarious stuff over the years, from tapping their knees three times with a chicken wing to singing Elvis to a slot machine.

The point is that silly superstitions about casinos are ten a penny. But the number 13 has as much chance of winning as any other. Yes, it is considered an unlucky number, but not everywhere.

In Italy, 13 is a lucky number. 17, which is considered by some to be fortunate with its clear connection to the number 7, is unlucky. 

Lay On, Macduff.

Always Wear Red for Good Fortune

Red for good fortune

How many gambling superstitions can be ripped asunder faster than you can say bingo?

This one can. Aside from being absolutely ridiculous, it’s also infuriating. I mean, color is not going to bring you good fortune. Just ask fans of Manchester United, who are providing some of the best laughs in sports today. Or, how about the Arizona Cardinals, who have never won a Super Bowl?

Yes, you could look at other teams that wear red who have and are enjoying a lot of success. But the argument is dead. So, let’s move on.

If you are an ardent supporter of online casino superstitions surrounding the color red, cool. I don’t hate you. In fact, you aren’t alone.

In China, red is considered highly auspicious. So much so that many gamblers don themselves in scarlet before entering casinos in Macau or other parts of the world. This has led to so many winners that casinos have gone bust. Others have banned the color being worn inside their premises…

Of course, not! Why? Because you have just as much chance of winning while dressing in neon pink or wearing nothing at all.

That applies to playing poker or gambling on the NFL on the top online gambling apps.

Whistling at the Casino Is Bad Luck

Man whistling in a casino

I’ll admit that this is one of the crazy gambling superstitions that could get you into a lot of trouble.

We’ve already covered a few superstitions about casinos that you could laugh at without feeling a modicum of guilt. But not this one. No sir.

The reason why whistling at the casino is considered unlucky is debatable. One of the more believable notions is that it comes from sailors who erroneously believed that partaking in a little whistle could raise dangerous winds, leading to death. 

But there is another reason I class it among the superstitions at the casino you should take notice of. It’s infuriating and annoying. Whether you are gambling on a cruise ship or one of the biggest casinos in the world, give it up.

Yes, whistling at the casino can lead to all kinds of unfortunate mishaps. The most notable being a black eye, a busted nose, or your wife leaving you for a man with no lips.

Don’t Enter a Casino Through the Front Door

Just when you thought gambling superstitions couldn’t get any more ridiculous, huh?

“Never enter a casino through the front door.”


But what if that’s the only door? Do I dress up like Spiderman and climb in through a window? I mean, that won’t look suspicious at all. Perhaps I should bore a hole under the premises and pop up through the blackjack table?

According to legend, this ridiculous concept can be traced back to the MGM Las Vegas. Up until 1998, the entrance to the iconic establishment was a lion’s mouth. Some of the jumpier and more imaginative patrons equated this with entering the belly of the beast.

As did many international players who considered it ominous. Did it symbolize the jaws of defeat? Or just bad feng shui? The point is that it doesn’t matter.

Why? Because it’s up there with the most ridiculous and downright silly superstitions about gambling, there is.

Best Ways to Handle Superstitions When Gambling

To some, gambling superstitions are part of the game.

Wear a red dress, enter through the backdoor, and only count your money when you leave. Eliminate the number 13 while you’re at it. Or flick the light switch off 17 times in the toilets before engaging in Gregorian chants with two truck drivers from Toronto.

Superstitions about casinos are about as good to you as a plastic ax.

They’re fun to wave around. They might look the part. They could even make you feel a little more confident about your bets. But come on; there are better things to do to help your chances of winning online or at the local dice house.

For instance, good bankroll management and only playing at reliable and trustworthy casinos.

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