Do feathered creatures bring good luck or bad omen? Read on to know more

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Birds have been associated with several myths, good luck factors and bad omens, since early civilization. Most cultures around the world have superstitions that are focused on birds. The feathered creatures are considered as the messengers of God. Interestingly, some of these myths associated with birds are universal while others are region specific. Check out some common superstitions associated with birds from around the world. Read on to know more.

1) Keeping peacock feathers in house is good

This is an old superstition. As per different reports, the superstition originated in the Mediterranean region. In India, China and Japan bringing peacock feathers indoors is supposed to increase good luck by providing extra eyes around the house to protect the occupants from any danger. Peacock feathers remove negative energy from home, attract good luck and fortune, and remove financial obstacles.

2) Hearing an owl hooting is a bad omen

There are many superstitions and myths surrounding owls. Interestingly, most of them predict bad luck. It is said that if an owl perches on roof and hoots, or if an individual walks under a tree which contains a hooting owl it means a relative or friend will die. The superstitions about owls go back centuries. The Romans believed owls were omens of impending doom and many famous Romans including Julius Caesar, Augustus and Agrippa supposedly had their deaths predicted by an owl, reports suggest.

3) A bird pooing on your head brings good luck

According to mythology, bird poop is often associated with good luck and prosperity. It is said that bird droppings bring good luck as it is believed that the bird has chosen a person to receive its blessing – and bird droppings are a part of that blessing. Notably, there is no consensus on the origin of this superstition.

4) Hummingbird is a symbol of prosperity

The tiny fliers are an inspiring sign of hope and good luck. Hummingbirds also have a spiritual significance. Its presence means that the spirit of a loved one is near. The hummingbird is a feng shui symbol to attract beneficial chi to your surroundings. Having them in your life brings positive energy to you.

5) Crow cawing brings bad portent

The cawing of crows is often associated with warnings of impending danger. The loud husky sound of crows refers to the fact that it is warning a person of possible threats. Cawing crows may also symbolize an impending death, misery, or bad fortune coming your way. It can mean that your family may get into trouble, or you may fall sick.

6) Seeing Mynahs – Two for joy, one for sorrow

People in India follow this superstition when they see mynahs while the English people follow this when they see magpies. It refers to the number of magpies/mynahs an individual might see in a grouping. Seeing six means that an individual is going to receive money, while seeing one means that bad luck is on its way. The origin of this belief, however, is still unknown.

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