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Feng Shui has had a lot to offer in our homes throughout 2022, and as we enter the New Year its appeal doesn’t seem to be waning. In fact, as we enter the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, it could be just the thing to improve the positive energy in your home. 

While practising good Feng Shui in a home continues beyond January, the start of a new year offers a wonderful opportunity to refresh the Chi of your space and remove the negative energies of the year before. As we enter the Year of the Rabbit, there are some very specific decorating decisions that experts suggest could make all the difference in your home – and some that should be avoided at all costs.

Is the Year of the Rabbit lucky?

The Year of the Rabbit is thought to be a period of hope and prosperity. The sign of the Rabbit is a symbol of longevity, peace, and prosperity in Chinese culture as well as a figure of patience, meaning that 2023 will be a year for growth and resilience too. 

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