Juri players are going crazy discovering instant overhead combos, frenzied Feng Shui Engine feet and so much more in Street Fighter 6

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Street Fighter 6‘s beta has been going strong for basically 2 whole days at this point, and people are digging as quickly as they can to find the most dirt possible.

Juri is probably the leading standout in that cause with players discovering some scary tech, setups, combos and more using all of the tools her fancy footwork allows.

Magistrix was one of the first to really catch our eye with Juri’s instant overhead confirm, which lets her hit jump medium punch into Overdrive divekick and EX Fuha charge to finish things off with a Critical Art that takes off 4,120 health from Luke.

This setup by itself doesn’t work against crouching opponents, but Magistrix apparently went back and found a fuzzy setup to make it even scarier to try pressing buttons.

Using a fairly similar idea, UFOrange showed off Juri’s unexpected Feng Shui Engine confirm from the OD divekick and Fuha charge while the opponent is still airborne, which opens up the door to even more combo possibilities.

Those looking to deal some extra damage with the villainess can probably steal some ideas from Tyrant since he landed a 40% combo in a real match. Be warned there is a little NSFW language in the clip.

You may think it too early to talk option selects, but EmmiMcD showed off an easy one with Juri’s spinning uppercut not coming out if the opponent blocks medium punch into medium kick.

That’s because only the first hit of the kick is special cancellable, so it basically works the same as Street Fighter 5 although now there’s potentially more she can do with that.

And if you hadn’t learned to be worried about getting Punish Countered by Juri yet, Incuteddy has you covered for why you should be.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve seen other cool applications with Juri and which character you’re most impressed with in SF6’s beta so far.

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