Top 16 No Risk, Zero Investment, High Returns Guaranteed Profitable Business Ideas To Make Money In 2022

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Starting a business is a thrilling proposition, but it carries significant financial risk. Many entrepreneurs fail to find the cash they need to establish a business, despite having a compelling idea and a solid dedication to success. Given this, it’s no surprise that zero-investment company options are a popular topic among startup communities.

Indeed, some of the world’s most well-known brands, such as Hewlett-Packard, Shopify, and Starbucks, were created on a shoestring budget. This proves that you can launch a great company without outside funding or investors.

Could starting a business with no money be the best option for you? Let’s look at how they operate and what it takes to create one of your own.

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What is a business with no investment?

As the name implies, a zero investment business requires no money to start. Technically, a zero-investment firm may still have some initial fees, such as the cost of registering a domain name or establishing a base for your business with a virtual office area.

However, zero investment enterprises are excellent for newcomers to start compared to traditional beginning costs (such as inventory, warehousing, or permanent office space).

This group includes entrepreneurs on a tight budget or individuals looking to start a side business.

The advantages and disadvantages of a zero-investment firm

  • Aside from the apparent financial benefit, launching a zero-investment business has other advantages:
  • Less risky than launching a typical firm since the chance of losing money is reduced.
  • Lower costs equate to a more significant profit margin.
  • Scalability to grow or shrink as your company’s needs change
  • Because you have fewer sunk expenses, it is easier to change your plan.

There are, however, some possible drawbacks:

  • You must still work hard to establish and advertise the firm — just because a zero-investment venture does not require an initial cash infusion does not guarantee it will flourish on its own.
  • Low investment can mean less help, whether money, knowledge, or business connections.
  • Scaling up quickly may be more challenging because it usually necessitates some investment, and a young business’s income stream is likely to be in its infancy.

However, because every industry is different, it’s a good idea to work out your exact requirements before choosing whether you can start your firm with little to no money upfront.

Business opportunities with no initial investment

Do you want to establish a business but don’t know where to begin? Here are some low-cost company ideas that you may start right away.

  1. Begin a dropshipping company.

podcast] dropshipping questions: 10 faqs every dropshipper asks - start yours

A third-party supplier stores and ships products to customers for you when you run a dropshipping business. Because you don’t have to acquire or keep inventory, it’s a simple and inexpensive business to start. All you have to do now is pick a reputable provider and promote your business.

The dropshipping approach is ideal for products in the following categories:

  • Apparels
  • Accessories
  • Products for beauty and a healthy lifestyle
  • Homewares
  • Devices of technology

Dropshipping allows you to sell things without having them in stock on the internet. This is yet another unique concept that is now gaining traction and popularity. First, build a free store on any selling platform, such as Amazon, eBay, or another. It would help if you found a wholesaler who carries the goods you wish to sell.

Now look for a wholesaler who sells the product you want to sell. On marketplaces like Aliexpress or Oberlo, you can find a lot of wholesale drop shippers. Agree with them and request that they provide you with images of their products. You should upload these photographs to your store with SEO-optimised descriptions. As soon as a customer buys goods, deduct your profit and send the money to a drop shipper to make an order with the customer’s address. You may quickly profit without investing in stocks if you do it this way.

2. Participate in an affiliate marketing programme.

how to start affiliate marketing for beginners | 2020 guide

Affiliate marketing is a business approach in which companies pay others (‘affiliates’) to advertise and sell their products. An affiliate is paid a commission every time a new customer is brought in.

Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing in which a business compensates an affiliate for each customer acquired through the affiliate’s efforts. You receive money in the form of commission for every sale you make. In the previous few years, this company has garnered a lot of traction in India. To promote their business, several companies provide affiliate marketing programmes. There are no specific skills required for this job. Furthermore, becoming an affiliate marketer is entirely free. The Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program in India is one such example.

Joining an affiliate marketing programme as a side business could be a quick method to generate extra money if you already have a following online through a blog, website, social media, or other community.

To get started, follow these steps:

  • Look for a programme on sites like ShareASale, Solvid Affiliate, or Amazon Associates.
  • Select the offers you’d like to advertise.
  • Obtain a referral link
  • Promote the link on your website, social media, and other places.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get paid every time someone registers or purchases through your link. Commission rates vary depending on the business and the deal, but they might range from 5% to 50%.

3. Begin a membership programme on the internet.

why the arts need startup accelerators |

Online membership programmes, like affiliate marketing, are great for entrepreneurs who already have a large online following. Online membership programmes are distinct in that they are subscription-based, requiring clients to make periodic payments in exchange for a digital product or service.

The following are some examples of prominent online membership programmes:

  • Clubs and communities with fitness programmes
  • Coaching in the Arts
  • Membership programmes can feature downloadable content, exclusive live streaming, or a combination of the two, depending on your business.

4. Vlogging

7 affordable vlogging essentials | collectivedge

Would you believe me if I told you that a YouTuber or vlogger could make a living?

YouTube is undeniably overcrowded; 500 hours of video are uploaded every minute. Hundreds of million-dollar YouTubers and bloggers produce thousands of hours of video each year.

Video logging, often known as video blogging, is abbreviated as Vlogging. This business has garnered a lot of attention in the last decade, thanks to the advent of 4G and 5G technology. You can use YouTube to share videos of whatever skill you have, such as artwork or cooking knowledge. To gain exposure, share a link to your YouTube channel on Facebook and encourage family and friends to subscribe.

Also, join up for Google AdSense, which will compensate you for any advertisements that visitors click on while watching your video. This could be the ideal alternative if you’re looking for a low-cost online business.

5. Blogging

7 ways businesses benefit from blogging

Blogging may take you to another level nowadays because there is so much to accomplish here. To make it vast for blogging, you must first be focused, diligent, and simply enormous. Blogging has various features, including the option to work with a team of writers and the ability to take on large-scale projects for which you will get compensated as the author. However, if you’re a solo blogger, you may contact the same results with the correct SEO resources and consistent efforts.

Blogging is a beautiful business plan that takes no funding if you are an expert in any field and are confident in your writing abilities in that industry. You can start making money by writing blogs for many websites. You can also buy a domain for a low price and create articles on your website to earn money from advertising revenue.

6. Recruitment

external recruitment methods | freshteam

Agency for Staffing By its inherent nature, business is extensive. A recruitment agency can provide permanent Staffing, Temporary Staffing, and RPO services. The majority requires employees of companies. They can hire new personnel on their own or use a recruiting firm.

When a corporation hires a recruiting firm, the firm searches for, qualifies, and offers prospects for one or more job opportunities. Current business owners can start a recruitment agency company quickly and inexpensively, but there are a few things to consider before getting started.

In exchange for a fee, recruitment companies would develop relationships with businesses to provide brilliant employees with the skills they require. If you have a strong network and outstanding communication skills, you can start a recruitment firm and work with corporations, mid-sized companies, and small enterprises to supply workers.

If you have a strong network and outstanding communication skills, you can start a recruitment firm and work with corporations, mid-sized companies, and small enterprises to supply workers.

7. Insurance Agent

here's how you can become a perfect life insurance agent

Having a medical policy or health insurance has become critical in the aftermath of pandemics. Insurances are short-term preparations for the future that are required of everyone. In today’s world, almost anything can be insured.

Everything under the insurance umbrella is covered, including health, vehicle, shop, and renters insurance, among other things. You can choose your insurance segment and begin your career as an insurance agent by obtaining a licence. You can either sign a contract with an insurance company or launch your sole proprietorship. For a lone proprietor, charges for each policy written can range from 12 to 15%, with renewal commissions ranging from 5% to 10%.

This is a business that You may do both offline and online. First, get in touch with a licenced insurance company and ask for its agency. After that, you must offer the company’s insurance plans, collect premiums on behalf of the company, and quickly remit the funds online. Your sales and marketing skills will be crucial in this industry. This could be a great alternative if you’re searching for a low-cost offline business.

8. Agony Aunt or Motivational Speaker

become a motivational speaker (why all authors should) - self publishing school

If you have a solid ability to motivate others and solve their difficulties, they are willing to pay a high price for a good answer. These people, sometimes referred to as “inspirational speakers,” are masters of persuasion. They express themselves positively and encourage others to do the same.

People of all ages deal with various challenges in their personal life, relationships, careers, and jobs. If you have a solid ability to motivate others and solve their difficulties, they are willing to pay a high price for a good answer. You can also start this business online.

Motivational speakers help people live their best lives because they inspire them. Listening to others who have overcome challenges can be reassuring to those dealing with physical or mental health issues. It encourages individuals to hope that they, too, may find happiness and success.

Motivational speakers get experience in evaluating their audience’s attention and adapting to the response they receive. They gain confidence in their storytelling and communication abilities and the ability to manage their time on stage by making brief statements.

9. Yoga Instructor

yoga teacher subbing | 8 ways to become a successful sub

This approach calms the mind as well as the body. Because of the health benefits, many individuals worldwide are turning to this practice. It’s a technique for gaining inner peace that combines mental, spiritual, and physical aspects.

Because of yoga’s growing popularity, some instructors are concerned that their pool of potential consumers is getting diluted as more schools and programmes join the market. How can you differentiate your yoga studio from the rest of the pack? Take your workout outside of the studio and combine it with a fun activity.

People are becoming more worried about their well-being. Some people hire a personal trainer to come to their home, offer them one-on-one attention, and force them to exercise rather than go to a Yoga Center. To succeed in this business, you’ll need time and expertise in various Yoga Asanas.

People are becoming more worried about their well-being. Some people choose to hire a personal trainer who will come to their home, offer them one-on-one attention, and force them to exercise rather than going to a Yoga Centre. You’ll need a lot of knowledge about different Yoga Asanas and a lot of time to thrive in this business.

10. Freelancing

women in freelancing: there's progress, but plenty more to do

Working as a freelancer means working on your own time and making your own decisions. Simply put, you are in command of your work. You have complete control over your working hours, pricing, employment location, and duration of service.

A freelancer is someone who works on a project or contract basis. Someone who works on a project or contract basis is a freelancer. Firms or employers hire them for specific tasks, and they are compensated according to the terms of their agreement with the employers.

By writing for other organisations, you can give your writing skills to them. Being a writer isn’t something new; it’s been around for a long time. Furthermore, You can conduct this transaction online from the comfort of your own home. This is an industry where you can make a lot of money. This could be the right job for you if you’re looking for work from home opportunities that require no investment.

For many firms, hiring freelancers is becoming more acceptable and more appealing. This opens up a fantastic chance for people with valuable abilities to establish a side business and eventually become full-time self-employed professionals.

The list goes on and on: reduced taxes, lower employee-related expenses, no healthcare, less office space, etc. Many organisations are looking for freelance writers, designers, marketers, and developers to help them grow their businesses for various reasons.

11. Home tutoring

shikha rana-hire expert female male home tuition tutor chandigarh mohali panchkula

Many parents prefer instructors to come to their homes and work one-on-one with their children. As a result, you’ll have another great and profitable company idea that doesn’t require any capital. Your earnings will rise if you have expertise in a discipline like math or science and can take up higher classes. This can be the best alternative if you seek low-cost business ideas for students.

Tutoring and courses delivered via the internet have become the new educational norms. How to work as a private tutor is explained in this article. Whether you wish to work part-time or full-time as a home tutor, the tips in this article will help you succeed.

In India, the online tutoring market is fast growing. The popularity and success of online education platforms such as Unacademy, Time’s online services, Career Launcher, and others illustrate the market’s popularity and success. Private tutors with a good reputation and business can charge anything from Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000 per hour, with some charging much more. Then there are the full-fledged courses, which can cost anywhere between Rs 5,000 and over a lakh rupees!

12. Consultant in Vaastu

vaastu essentials shakti chakra, vastu shakti chakra ( 6 inches diameter) decorative showpiece - 1 cm (plastic, multicolor)

Indians are well aware of the old Vaastu culture in their homes and offices. Vaastu is considered to help people achieve health, wealth, and prosperity. If you know a lot about Vaastu, you can work as a Vaastu consultant. If your tips and tricks help the general public, you will quickly get a reputation and renown.

Indians are very serious about following the ancient Chinese custom of Feng Shui or the Indian tradition of Vastu in their homes and offices. It’s a widely held concept that a Vastu or Feng Shui-compliant home or office brings success and pleasure. As a result, customers are willing to pay a high price to hire experts in this field.

It’s not easy to become a Feng Shui or Vastu consultant. You’ll need to do a lot of research and potentially earn credentials in these disciplines from any respected organisation.

On the other hand, this business has a lot of potential for profit. Additionally, when your customer purchases Vastu and Feng Shui articles from your source, you might earn commissions from the stores that sell them.

13. Repackaging Services

packing + repacking | lipman family farms

Services for repackaging? You might be wondering what these are. There are three main steps involved in repacking services.

Unpacking a huge crate or box, inspecting the contents for damage, and repacking them into little containers or packets for sale or shipment is what this entails. For wholesalers and retailers, this service is critical.

Typically, the customer will deliver the vast cartons to your house and the appropriate repackaging materials.

The customer will collect the smaller boxes or packages when you’ve completed them for dispatch to customers. Gift shops and stationery stores are the most common users of the service.

14. Writing a résumé

5 top resume writing resources every professional needs

This is one of my favorite ways to supplement my income. And I’m talking about a substantial sum of money. Most job hopefuls have no idea how to write a résumé that will get them called in for an interview.

This is owing to their inability to distinguish between a Curriculum Vitae, Résumé, and Bio-Data. There are three documents in this collection.

Depending on the type of person they desire, an employer may request a CV, Résumé, or Bio-Data. The majority of new applicants have no idea how to write these materials.

It turns out that even experienced job hunters can’t write a great résumé. This can be a highly lucrative company if you have promising writing talents.

15. Graphic designing

the 8 types of graphic design you need to know

Graphic designers are needed by all types of businesses, people, families, and printing presses.

This is because they require logos, business and invitation cards, and various other items. As a result, they seek exceptional graphic designers who can create these designs and logos.

People frequently desire to develop their design using their imagination and your services. As a result, they may want to sit next to you when you work on a graphic design.

You need a computer and some graphic design tools to get started. You can also form a partnership with a printing company to provide the service to their customers.

16. Real Estate Agency

real estate - industry overview, types of real estate, careers

A real estate agent is an old business that has been around for decades. However, it continues to be one of India’s most successful offline enterprises.

There is a tremendous demand for rental housing due to the high migration rates among millennials seeking work in other towns and cities.

By partnering with property owners and other real estate organizations, you may provide such lodgings. Commissions are the most common way to earn money.

However, providing add-on services such as legal paperwork through notaries can help you earn more money.

If you have excellent communication and marketing skills and an extensive social network, you can become a real estate broker. In commissions, you can make a lot of money by acting as a middleman between the customer and the seller.


If you have a skill and are passionate about it, there is nothing that can stop you. With the evolution of newer technology, it is now possible to manage enterprises from the comfort of one’s own home and without using any money. So, put on your boots and consider what is best for you.

I hope that the following list of low-cost, high-profit company ideas in India will assist you in making an informed decision. What is the particular advantage of these businesses that do not require investment? You can leave the company at any moment and not lose any money. You can invest and expand your firm once you’ve made a profit.


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