Luxury Interior Designer Haleh Aleman launches Home Wellness Interior Design with Feng Shui and Dowsing Services

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Designing Your Home With Wellness In Mind

Home Wellness Interior Design Logo

Home Wellness Interior Design Logo

Designing Your Home With Wellness In Mind

Our goal is to provide affordable and beautiful interior design services rich in health and wellness.”

— Haleh Aleman

PALM BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, March 7, 2022 / — The highly acclaimed Haleh Aleman (formerly Alemzadeh Niroo) has created a holistic online interior design brand known as Home Wellness Interior Design, LLC (HWID). Aleman’s goal is to combine her two decades of experience as an interior designer with her passion for health and the environment to offer everyone the opportunity to achieve a beautifully designed, unique home that evokes positive energy and promotes health and wellness.
Haleh Aleman has accumulated an elite international clientele by delivering 20,000 to 55,000 square feet luxury projects, tailor-made to each of her client’s individual needs and requests. Aleman’s luxury design style marries the culture and elegance of European living with environmentally-sensitive choices.

The remarkable success of Haleh Design, Inc, Aleman’s Luxury Interior Design company, and the onset of the global Pandemic inspired her to create HWID to create job opportunities for designers to work from home whilst contributing to a new affordable interior design brand, opening the opportunity for a new target audience of clients to achieve a home which has been beautifully designed and is rich in health and wellness. This resonates with Aleman’s motto “health and wellbeing are our true luxuries”.

Currently, introductory priced at $500 per room, HWID offers clients a variety of design concepts as well as two 30-minute one-to-one video consultations with a designer. Upon receiving necessary information such as unique room dimensions and the client’s personal budgets, customers will be provided with two preliminary drafted designs to choose from before firming up the final design complete with furnishings. Each design will have wellness in mind, a very unique approach to online interior design services.

In addition to interior design services, Diamond Feng Shui© and Diamond Dowsing© services are available to add-on to the package and will be provided by HWID’s partnership with Marie Diamond’s trained team members to achieve a calm environment that is both aesthetically beautiful and bursting with great positive energy.

The Diamond Feng Shui© package service provides clients with the opportunity to attract the best energy in the four main principal areas of life: success, relationships, health, and wisdom. This service will allow clients to establish harmony between their home and the environment to promote a well-balanced beautiful space. This is achieved through assisting clients with the selection of colors and auspicious directions to place their furniture and accessories that benefit their health and wellness.. The team will then work with the client’s floor plans, their date of birth and room measurements to establish where the best energy flow is.

The Diamond Dowsing© service is the practice of shifting the energy in the home by detecting unseen earth energies which are present and cause disruption. A professional diamond dowser using the help of a dowser stick will shift the energy of a client’s home by finding and curing negative vibrations discovered within the home. This service can aid with an increase in focus, productivity, enhanced mood as well as many other health benefits.
Haleh Aleman’s main goal of Home Wellness Interior Design is to ensure that every client achieves a healthy home that is rejuvenating, makes them feel at home and is supportive of body, energy, and spirit. This is made possible through the selection of sustainable furnishings, beautiful designs and natural materials all guided by the expertise of a renowned designer.

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