Could It Be? Reasons Why You Aren’t Progressing In Your Career

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Could It Be? Reasons Why You Aren’t Progressing In Your Career

Ek Raah Aur Sahi Disha, Jo Zindagi Badal De”

— Pallavi Chhelavda

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA, August 30, 2021 / — Do you feel stuck in your job, or is your business not generating the kind of outcomes you’re hoping for? You’re not alone. Even when you’re doing everything right, there could be deeper reasons why you’re not seeing growth and progress.

Vastu affects all areas of our life whether we realize it or not. There’s a lot that could impede your professional growth and progress, but before jumping to conclusions about those, a great place to start is correcting Vastu in your business, office, and home.

Here are some possible Vastu reasons why your job or business isn’t growing how you want:

Your back often faces the entrance door of the office

Keeping your back toward the door is like turning your back on success, positive energy, and good vibes. You may think this helps you stay less distracted or more focused, but in truth, this habit could be costing you precious opportunities. Never sit facing away from your office’s entrance door, but try to get the entrance constructed facing the North-East direction instead, if possible.

The bathrooms and septic tanks are ill-positioned

Your bathrooms and septic or sewage tanks need to be correctly placed. If they’re facing the west or northwest, they could be blocking vital energies and Vastu that bring prosperity and growth. Never construct your bathrooms in these directions, and if they’re already there, work with a professional Vastu feng shui expert to help you.

Clutter and congestion are normal for your workplace

Clutter and congestion such as having too many things or people crammed into a small space, messy, unorganized files, papers and supplies, and a sense of chaos all contribute to Vastu Dosh. You’ll want to make sure you’re cleaning as, and when it’s needed, everything is in its rightful place, and there’s no clutter invading your home. Without these things, it isn’t easy to promote positive energy.

Plus, clutter has negative psychological effects on productivity, focus, and performance in general too. You’ll want to look more seriously into Vastu-appropriate cleaning and organizing.

Your professional and personal life may be struggling more than you realize due to improper Vastu practices. Get in touch with us to know more about office Vastu and Vastu for businesses and homes to help you make your surroundings more favorable. Take control of your surroundings and work on your growth with our services—schedule a consultation with Pallavi Chhelavda today.

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