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Mesa Hurstville, a $310 million community development designed by TURNER, has launched 90 residences onto the market.

The residences, selling from $600,000 – $1.69 million, are part of a wider vision to bring a new standard to urban living. 

The mixed-use development comprises residential, retail and a hotel over four multi-storey buildings that revolve around a lush central park. Set to transform the Hurstville and greater Georges River area, the development will eventually play host to 254 apartments, 76 hotel keys, approximately 4500 sqm of retail area and 1500 sqm of green space.

mesa hurstville apartments

Each multi-storey building carries distinct character traits, height, style and address. Situated at the eastern gateway of Hurstville, Mesa offers residents an all-on-your-doorstep experience with popular amenities just around the corner, and memorable views of the city and parklands from the residences.

Similarly, each apartment has been designed with a multitude of different residents in mind. Mesa offers three colour palettes to choose from including light, dark and colourful. Apartment sizes vary from one to four bedrooms, all with the intention of attracting a diverse range of residents creating a community within itself.

The development is home to a ground plain boosting an inspiring green park and plaza, with retail food and beverage offerings. Open to the wider public, the space will be activated with a sense of genuinity brought to the fore by the local Georges River community. 

Nick Turner, Principal and Founder of Turner Studios, says the development will connect green settings with thoughtfully designed architectural creations.

‘’There will be real vibrancy and energy. Everything is connected to its central ‘green heart’ parkland. From a landscape perspective, it is very synergistic to the site’s forest history. We are introducing nature – it will be a place of new life and activity, directly linked to the surrounding streets’’ he says.

mesa hurstville apartments

The dense green foliage of the Urban Park has been designed by landscape masters Urbis. Allowing for a constant connection to nature, the Urban Park is a place for relaxation and play, with landscaping rooted in inclusivity, local identity and sustainability.

The apartment designs are based on Feng Shui principles, with materials that are used to create a sense of calm and serenity. Turner says the interiors of each apartment flow effortlessly into the wider architecture of Mesa.

‘’The first thing that you will notice is that it is a very clean, open space with lots of light and strong connection to the outdoors, through grand balconies and Winter gardens. This was done very deliberately – we worked with our developer Aoyuan International to create a layout in line with Feng Shui principles. So you will see that the palette is very calming, and the layout instinctively flows inside-to-out in just the right way,” he says.

‘’We wanted to create an urban oasis and that’s reflected in the carefully choreographed landscape and the natural materials and earthy colours used within.’’

MESA Hurstville’s one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom residences are now up for sale. The new display showroom is located at 75 Forest Rd, Hurstville, viewings by appointment only. Virtual tour appointments are also available. To book, visit


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