A guide on how to pick furniture for a more mindful, meditative home design

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Marie Kondo’s undeniable popularity and her status as a cultural icon should tell you all you need to know about the importance and popularity of home design. It’s now gone beyond aesthetic, but it’s always been that way.

How integral design is to concocting a more mindful, harmonious, and hence nourishing home environment cannot be overstated. From ancient concepts of feng shui to Jordan Peterson shouting a young people to “clean their room” before they try and tackle larger issues. The benefits of design cannot be questioned, and furniture of course plays into this idea in a big, substantial way.

But what to do you do when you’re renting, a Sydney apartment nonetheless? Furniture is a significant investment, and this has to contend with food, fashion, entertainment, and actually saving money. You then need to know where to go to find an affordable range of furniture that balances cost with quality, that gives you enough options to actually play around and curate an individualised home design without costing an art and a leg.

Luxo Living is one such place. The online store is best known for their diverse selection of designs, often reaching into various cultures and influences to put together a collection you’re actually going to want to explore.

$169 for black and gold velvet dining chairs. $549 for a marble round dining table. That’s the type of pricing that makes me glad to not have to make the slog out to IKEA and the inevitable choice anxiety that comes with it.

Best of all, their stuff couldn’t be easier to put together.

With that kind of reliability, clearly the folk at Luxo Living know a thing or two about affordable furniture that doesn’t feel like a compromise.

To tap into some of that knowledge, we caught up with their interior stylish, Crystal Bailey, to gain a bit more insight into how we can better achieve mindfulness through home design.

Apartment living often means smaller spaces to play around with. How can people ensure that they are picking quality furniture to maximise the space but also create a sense of comfort?

Research the possibilities available for your space to define the desired aesthetic or style and consider your must have pieces plus how you will use each piece of furniture to determine the exact requirements for your apartment. Pinterest and Instagram are great free resources to gather inspiration and ideas. Once you have a clear idea about how to fill your space, shopping around for the best value is the key.

Design has been a part of mindful living at home forever. Although with the recent pandemic, people seem to be paying more attention to how curating furniture can make your life just flow better. What should people be on the lookout for to help choose furniture that makes them actually want to be at home?

The style of your home should reflect your personal taste and bring you a sense of joy, consider pieces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. A good piece of furniture not only looks great but is designed to last and works effectively. A few factors to consider when choosing furniture: Is your choice based on comfort or do you prefer a luxurious piece? Are you budget conscious or will you splurge on the item? Or is warranty included with the piece?

People don’t like to compromise when it comes to furniture. How does Luxo Living manage to balance price point with furniture that looks and functions as high-end pieces?

We have been in the business of selling furniture for over 20 years and from our experience, we have developed a streamlined system by working with factories directly to source high quality and affordable furniture by cutting out the middleman costs, that is not only great value but also stylish and in demand.

What are some of the most unique pieces at Luxo Living?

Our latest range includes a collection of mother of pearl inlay tables, sourced from Vietnam. The pieces are handcrafted and featuring a beautiful unique pearl mosaic pattern, available in various shapes and colours. If you want to go with the recent trend with natural fibres, we have introduced a natural rattan range which each piece is meticulously handmade. We have also recently launched a range of 100% Solid American Oak wood furniture, at a very affordable price point.

What are your top tips for making furniture fit naturally into a home?

Determine any boundaries or restrictions in your existing space during the research stage. Measure out the size of the furniture and use masking tape as a placeholder to determine if the selected size will suit the area prior to making a purchasing.

Avoid clutter – select multifunctional pieces with additional storage e.g. underbed base storage, coffee table storage, entertainment unit, sideboards/buffets

Work out the space needed for your walkway and how it flows throughout your home. You don’t want to overcrowded pieces of furniture at your home.

What are some ways we can use furniture to bring mindfulness into our home?

Creating a harmonious space is the key to bring mindfulness into your home. Create harmony with colours and select a palette that is balanced and resonates with you such as greens and neutral colour if you prefer a natural palette, or bold colours such as red or orange to add warmth.

Embrace natural light in your home buy using sheer curtains or panels to let the natural light in and minimise clutter by organising your bits and pieces, so everything has a place..

What are your top tips for turning a spare bedroom into an office or a hybrid-office?

Adding an office desk like the “Infinity adjustable sit stand desk’ is a simple solution to upgrade a spare bedroom into a home office. The 120cm width table, allows enough space for a computer or laptop, simply add an office chair, pot plant or accessories to bring it to life, without sacrificing on space.

To browse Luxo Living’s dynamic collection of furniture head to their official website at luxoliving.com.au.

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