Spring equinox 2021 and the first day of spring: How to celebrate

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The spring equinox and the first day of spring are celebrated around the world as a time of fresh beginnings and new life.

People in many parts of the U.S. look forward to this part of March for signs of winter ending. Here in Arizona, the dates arrive during some of our most perfect weather.

The 2021 spring equinox is just around the corner, and we have answers to common questions about when it is, why it happens and what it signifies. We also have fun suggestions for how you can celebrate the arrival of spring in metro Phoenix

Here’s what we know about the 2021 spring equinox and first day of spring.

What is the equinox?

The vernal equinox in March marks the end of winter and beginning of spring. The autumnal equinox in September marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall.

The word equinox is derived from the Latin word aequus, which means equal, and nox, which means night.

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